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Project Diné

Well it has been quite sometime since I have been a part of anything productive on this site. I am still going forward with this project even though there is a lack of interest.
It is going to be delayed because I am unofficially tutoring college algebra and studying for my own test. Hopefully I get a promotion after all this studying I do. Best of luck to me…yeah I know, pretentious huh?
Haha…well with all kidding aside, I have compiled a list of words and phrases in Navajo I would go over. I just need to correctly transcribe these phrases from English to Navajo.
When I finish my first pages, I will post it here and I will be thinking about how to do the audio portion. Maybe I can employ my Flash skills and post it somewhere. I was also thinking about making an app, whether it be an apple app or an android app, I have not decided yet. I do know one thing though, updates with the app will be sparse.
Well, I suppose this is hágoóne’ for now. Until next time, áda’áhóólyá…