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So this is the first step in my trying to get a better understanding of Navajo, the Diné language (Diné Bizaad).

I have, to my excitement, discovered a way to type in Navajo using a “keyboard” I downloaded from the internet from Language Geek. There is an assortment of other keyboards for many other tribes as well.

Another source that I have learned of is the Navajo Now Blog. In her blog, she cites a number of resources currently available to the people for free. Go there now.

One more source that I am beginning to enjoy is the Navajo version of Wikipedia known as Wikiibíídiiya. It’s got an interesting selection of information. Like Wikipedia, Wikiibíídiiya can be updated by anyone so it’s content could be sketchy at best.

The search to learn more about my culture and heritage is still an on going one. I have learned so much living with my grand parents that I have in taken in more than I remember.