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Looked in wikiibíídiiya for anything about the months in Navajo. There really isnt anything in there so I guess I can post one here. I guess we can start at the beginning of the Navajo year.

Bik’ehgo Yoołkááł Náhidizídí

  • Ghąąjį’ (October) This is the month known as the month of the Coyote. Winter is approaching here.
  • Níłch’its’ósí (November) Skinny or slim wind. Named so because the wind is starting to get colder. It begins to pierce through some of the regular clothing.
  • Níłch’itsoh (December) Large or colder wind. Hibernating animals are hibernating. The beginning of Winter Games and Story telling.
  • Yasniłt’ees (January) Named to describe the look of the snow. As the snow melts and freezes, it gives the illusion of the snow frying. Winter Games are over and the Story Telling time is coming to an end in this month.
  • ’Atsá Biyáázh (February) Named for the little eaglets that are beginning to hatch.
  • Wóózhch’ííd (March) Named for the first cry of the eaglets. Spring is approaching.
  • T’ááchil (April) Named so as the eaglets begin to lose their down feathers for smaller feathers. Usually the first sign of spring, plants begin to grow.
  • T’ą́ą́tsoh (May) Larger, stronger feathers of the eaglets begin to grow.
  • Ya’iishjáá́shchilí (June) Early wild crops are beginning to ripen.
  • Ya’iishyááshtsoh (July) Wild crops are ripe. Mostly used in ceremonial purposes.
  • Bini’ant’ą́ą́ts’ózí (August) Small or slim Harvest. The first corn begins to ripen.
  • Bini’ant’ą́ą́tsoh (September) Large Harvest. All planted crops are ready for harvest.

Then there is a lesser known month so named for the 13 moon cycles in the year. Bini’na’al’aashii –  The last month in the Navajo year.

These are the months in the Navajo Calendar. If i have made any mistakes or left anything out, please feel free to post them.