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The Black World

The Creation story was always a favorite of mine growing up. I guess I will have to start in the beginning. This is a shortened version of the Creation Story, mostly because I can’t recall all the events that took place during it.

So here is the “Cliff Notes” version of the creation of the Diné.

Everything has a beginning, to the Navajo, the Diné, it was called the Black World. The first beings were not what we think people should look like, but they looked like insect beings  or creatures, Wólázhiní Dine’é.

There was four corners and in those corners were four cloud columns. I can’t recall the names of these at the moment. The east was the dawn, the south was the sky, the west was the twilight, and the north was the darkness.

Now in the eastern direction, where the white and black clouds formed, came First Man, ’Áłtsé Hastiin. With him Doo Honoot’ínii, the first corn, was made. He represented life and the dawn.

On the western direction, where the yellow and blue clouds formed, came First Woman, ’Áłtsé ’Asdzą́ą́. With her came the yellow corn, white shell, and Turquoise. She represented death and darkness.

First man and first woman met when they made a fire. First man made a fire of crystal and first woman made hers of turquoise. They saw each other’s fire and began to look for each other. With three tries unsuccessful. By the fourth time, they found each other.

The beings began to fight with one another, the insect beings knew the secret of bad medicine. They decided to move up into the blue blue world through an opening in the east, taking with them the evil that was in the black world.

What do you think?