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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Winter time on YouTube….


Typical Navajo Hogan in the winter. Taken from Wiikiibíídiiya…

There are many things that Navajos did in the winter to keep from getting bored. Here are three different Winter things that we enjoyed or some of us still do.

Coyote Stories. Believe or not, there are some people that have not heard a coyote at all. YouTube showcases some of these stories. They were pretty cool, old Flash like animation. These stories are in Navajo.

Coyote and Lizard

Coyote and Beavers

Coyote and Horned Toad

Coyote and Skunk

Nothing beats the old oral traditions though. Hearing these stories brought back memories of Grandma telling me a stories.

Then there are the String games that we like to play. All these are constellations on in the night time sky. This is all introduction to the story of how the Coyote threw the stars into the sky. Sometimes told during the story.

The Next is the Shoe Game. It’s lots of fun and played with two teams. Here is how the shoe game got it’s start via Flash animation.

There are many other ways we as Navajo pass the time in the winter months. These are only a few. (: