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Winter time on YouTube….


Typical Navajo Hogan in the winter. Taken from Wiikiibíídiiya…

There are many things that Navajos did in the winter to keep from getting bored. Here are three different Winter things that we enjoyed or some of us still do.

Coyote Stories. Believe or not, there are some people that have not heard a coyote at all. YouTube showcases some of these stories. They were pretty cool, old Flash like animation. These stories are in Navajo.

Coyote and Lizard

Coyote and Beavers

Coyote and Horned Toad

Coyote and Skunk

Nothing beats the old oral traditions though. Hearing these stories brought back memories of Grandma telling me a stories.

Then there are the String games that we like to play. All these are constellations on in the night time sky. This is all introduction to the story of how the Coyote threw the stars into the sky. Sometimes told during the story.

The Next is the Shoe Game. It’s lots of fun and played with two teams. Here is how the shoe game got it’s start via Flash animation.

There are many other ways we as Navajo pass the time in the winter months. These are only a few. (:


A long break…

It has been a while since I blogged about anything. I have been working on multiple projects at once and it has proven a little much. After this post, I will begin regular posting again. I am looking forward to future posts and interacting with others once again.
As I have said earlier, I used to be super fluent in Navajo and I have recently lost this ability as the years went by. I hope by making this blog, I can at least re-learn those lost skills and abilities. If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or edits, please feel free to post them.
I am currently working on one blog for net week and am looking forward to posting it.
Thanks for viewing my post. (:

Dah Naat’a’í Beehodilzin

US Flag

United States Of America bidah naat’a’í

The Pledge of Allegiance, remember saying those words as a child in school? Before people became out raged about the word God being used in the classrooms?

I Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. And the to the republic for which it stands. One Nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

This how we say it in Navajo. There are many ways to say it, but this is one way that I learned.

United States of America (Kéyah Ashdladiingo nihi hahoodzooígíí) bidah naat’a’í t’áá’íiyisíí shiłnílį́įgo báá bich’įį’ádííshní. Háálá ’ajooba’ hasin yee hadít’é. Kéya t’ááłá’í si’ánígíí Diyin God yee ádeihodílzin. Binahjį’ niik’e ajooba’ bidziilii bee da’ahííníítą’.

I learned both ways, saying United States of America or Kéyah Ashdladiingo nihi hahoodzooígíí. I find it’s much easier to say it as United States of America, it flows easier.

The First Four

In the Navajo Tradition, there are many ways we identify ourselves. One was is the complex clan system. Take mine for example, Tábąąhá nishlį́ dóó Haltsoí bááshishchį́į́n. I am Water’s Edge People Born for the Meadow People. We can further expand on this adding our grandfather’s clan from both maternal and paternal sides. These tell our relations. It gets more complex than that, I won’t go into details. But some people have often wondered how the clans started.

It was the result of Changing Woman and the first people. After Changing Woman had moved to an island in the western ocean the sun had created for her, some of the first beings followed her. After the first beings became lonely, they moved back to their original home. At this point, Changing Woman thought that there should be more people and thus the first clans were born.

Changing Woman rubbed the skin from her breast, her back, and under her arms to create more human beings. The people from her breast were named Kiiyaa’ą́ąnii or  Kinyaa’ą́ąnii (Towering House). The people from her back were called Honágháahnii (One Who Walks Around). The People from under her left arm were called Hashtł’ishnii (Mud people) and from her right were called Tódích’íí’nii (Bitter Water).

Each of these original clans were given a protective animal guardian. Kiiyaa’ą́ąnii was given Shash (Bear). Honágháahnii was given Náshdóí (Cougar). Tódích’íínii was given Tł’iish Tsoh (Bull Snake). Hashtł’ishnii was given Dahsání (Porcupine).

This is the origin of the first four clans.

Projects Halted

All projects I had planned are halted. It has been a while since the last post, but I am determined to keep the good info going. ISP is still claiming that I did not pay for their past services and it looks like I am about to cave since there are no other providers in the area. I will try to continue posting my two cents, haha, every chance I get.